Gott Pet Products, Matrix Partners, Paw Salvation

Gott Pet Products, the St. Francis, Wis.-based owner of Charlee Bear dog treats and Hound & Gatos pet foods, in February teamed with Matrix Partners, a Chicago-based pet products marketing firm, to help pet owners in need. The efforts, which were in response to extreme cold and snowy conditions in Chicago, included a cash contribution and thousands of Charlee Bear dog treats donated to Paw Salvation. The Chicago-based nonprofit is dedicated to helping local homeless and disadvantaged pet owners take care of their pets.

“As a company committed to the pet products industry, we’re on a mission to help those less fortunate than us keep their pets healthy and safe,” said Don Tomala, president of Matrix Partners. “We know that homeless and financially challenged households need their pets more than ever, and we will be aligning with similar organizations like Paw Salvation in 2021 to help achieve our mutual goals.”

Rob Cadenhead, general manager of Milwaukee-based Gott Pet Products, added, “We support the mission of Matrix Partners and Paw Salvation, and will continue to support them in their quest to help needy pet parents in these extremely difficult times. Both Charlee Bear and Hound & Gatos are brands that can and will bring some happiness and health into the lives of those currently struggling.”

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