Kormotech, an Ukraine-based manufacturer of natural, super-premium pet food, recently introduced its optimally balanced Optimeal product line in the United States.

Each recipe is prepared under veterinary supervision with a special immunity support blend of beneficial vitamins and minerals, company officials said. The formulas contain a special combination of beneficial ingredients, including herbs and berries for their free radical-fighting abilities and prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) for digestibility. They also contain an abundance of high-quality meat, poultry or fish to help every pet get the most out of life, officials added.

Optimeal Dry Canine recipes come in 10 grain-inclusive and grain-free varieties, including Lamb and Veggies for adults of all breeds and Salmon & Brown Rice for toy breeds with digestive sensitivities. Several are packaged in cardboard tubes, which offer scooping and storing convenience, officials said. Optimeal Wet Canine recipes are packed in 3-ounce pouches. They are available in four flavors.

Optimeal Dry Feline recipes come in eight flavors, such as Grain Free Chicken & Veggies and a Turkey & Oatmeal weight management formula. Optimeal Wet Feline recipes will be introduced in four pouched varieties: Lamb & Veggies, Beef & Rabbit, Chicken & Turkey and Shrimp & Salmon.

Each of these immunity support formulas is crafted to support the health of pets by tapping into the storehouse of beneficial nutrients that only nature can provide, officials said, adding that is what the brand’s “Healthy Immunity – Longer Life” philosophy is all about.

Roman Shpak, senior brand executive at Kormotech, said superior immune system support is just the beginning.

“We’re firmly committed to supporting our independent retailer partners with industry unique formulations, exceptional margins and extensive marketing support,” he explained. We’re here to boost their business every day by bringing new customers into their stores.”