MiracleCorp Hires Director of Nutrition

Dr. Ding Wang

MiracleCorp has hired Ding Wang, Ph.D., as director of nutrition. His responsibilities will include research and development of pet food products, management of corporate nutritional documentation, evaluating food analytics and conducting nutritional studies.

"Dr. Wang will be a great addition to our staff, and we are excited to bring him on board," said Patricia Weimer, chief operating officer of MiracleCorp, which is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. "His expertise will provide the Stewart brand with the knowledge to produce better products to help pets thrive."

Wang, who is a member of the American Society of Animal Science, previously was a technical manager and director for Beijing VICA Bio. Tech. Ltd. His responsibilities included leading the swine technical team, developing the annual research plan for research and development, and developing more than 40 product trainings to the sales team and key customers, according to MiracleCorp officials.