OurPets Partners with Paulee CleanTec to Manage Pet Waste

OurPet’s Co. of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, maker of OurPets and Pet Zone brand products for pets, has partnered with Paulee CleanTec Ltd., an Israel-based manufacturer of eco-friendly solutions for waste management. The partnership hopes to leverage both companies’ products to contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable society as they work to commercialize and expand the application of an initial dog waste product, according to OurPet’s.

"Paulee CleanTec is pioneering efficient pet and human waste management," said Steven Tsengas, Ph.D., chairman, CEO and founder of OurPet’s Co. "The company has developed a proof-of-concept patented, portable, safe and inexpensive waste system that uses an exothermic oxidation process to convert animal feces into an odor-free ash fertilizer in less than a minute. OurPet’s and Paulee CleanTec will work together to commercialize an initial, portable dog waste product and apply the technology to other pet waste applications."

OurPet’s Co.’s proprietary pet waste management solutions include manual and semiautomatic cat litterboxes, pet waste accessories such as scoops, litter bags and sprays, natural cat litter and automatic litterboxes that incorporate Bluetooth/WiFi technology. Many of the company’s more than 170 issued or pending patents relate to pet waste management.

"We are very pleased to partner with OurPet’s and realize the potential of our technology," said Oded Halperin, Ph.D., founder and chairman of Paulee CleanTec. "We look forward to applying our expertise to the partnership, as OurPet’s has the innovative technology, the marketing/sales channels and, most of all, the strong entrepreneurial drive to bring our mission to success."