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Pet House by One Fur All is celebrating Valentine’s Day by donating 20 percent of Pet House Candles proceeds sold on its website to 13 nonprofit, no-kill rescues. The program runs now through Feb. 14.

“For nonprofit animal rescues across the country, fundraising is essential for long-term survival,” said David Neuwirth, founder of One Fur All. “Between food, veterinary expenses and countless supplies, there’s no doubt that running a rescue or humane group is expensive. There is a significant amount of love that’s behind a rescue group, and we want to do our part to show our gratitude.”

The participating recues are from different parts of the country, including: A Dog’s World, No Mutts Left Behind Inc., Animal Shelter Inc., The Tanzie Project, Pup & Cat Co., Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue, Forever Home Beagle Rescue, South Bay Rabbit Rescue, Pisgah Animal Welfare Society, PAWS Chicago, Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue, Rescue Our Furry Friends and Aussie Rescue.

The company conducts rescue fundraisers throughout the year at two week intervals, some aligning with key dates and holidays, according to officials.

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