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Consumers are increasingly applying their human wellness standards when shopping for diets for their pets as evidenced by searches for pet food on Amazon.

Between July 2020 and July 2021, Amazon yielded million of searches for pet food products that met specific diet keywords such as raw, vegan and protein, and those with functional ingredients like pumpkin, according to analysis from NielsenIQ, a global measurement and data analytics company.

“In the second quarter of 2021, searches for pet food characteristics including organic, low-calorie, diabetic support, seafood-based pet food saw as much as triple-digit growth compared to the previous quarter,” NielsenIQ officials recently reported.

The keyword searches indicate that pet owners know what type of pet food they want, yet major gaps remain.

NielsenIQ officials pointed to two examples of these gaps:

Less than 1 percent of products that possess the growing attributes above actually claim those characteristics on their packaging.

Only 28 percent of pet products make a “free from artificial flavors” claim, but 94 percent of products within the space actually qualify for that claim.

Gaps like these represent opportunities for pet manufacturers and retailers, NielsenIQ officials said.

“Manufacturers and retailers have a golden opportunity to translate consumers’ increasingly specific health and wellness standards for their pets into more personalized offerings, simply by claiming characteristics for which shoppers are already searching,” officials said.