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Petco Health and Wellness Co. is expanding its curated nutrition assortment to include WholeHearted Plus, an extension of the San Diego-based company’s WholeHearted private label brand; True Meals Dog Food in partnership with Tyson Pet Products Inc.; and new veterinary diet offerings.

“Nutrition is the foundation of physical health, one of the pillars of Petco’s Whole Health philosophy, an industry-leading framework created with the focus to improve pets’ overall well-being,” officials said in a statement. “Petco has been committed to leading pet nutrition standards since the company became the first and only national retailer to no longer sell food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives for dogs and cats, and continues to reinvent the category with new, affordable and convenient options to support overall pet health and wellness. Additionally, Petco committed to the complete removal of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors from food for aquatic life and small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles, by the end of 2021.”

WholeHearted Plus includes “affordable, high-quality” dog and puppy dry and wet food. The dry food contains tender protein shreds along with crunchy kibble, while the wet food includes veggies and rice along with broth and meat to help support lean muscles and provide energy, according to officials.

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True Meals Dog Food features nutrient-dense, minimally processed recipes for adult dogs and puppies.

“The line of complete and balanced dog foods bridges the gap between kibble and fresh dog food, providing an elevated meal experience for dogs,” officials said.

Petco’s expanded veterinary diet solutions, which are formulated to treat a variety of common issues such as digestive problems, obesity and allergies, can help optimize pets’ overall health and well-being, according to officials.

“At Petco’s full-service vet hospitals and vaccination clinics, licensed veterinarians can partner with pet parents to find the right diet for their pets,” officials said. “Petco aids pet parents in the veterinary approval process for vet diet formulas, enabling seamless prescription refills and sharing deals that help make these tailored nutrition options affordable.”

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