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Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) officials sent out an action alert on Feb. 18 urging members of the pet community to voice their opposition of a proposed pet sale ban in Colorado Springs City, Colo.

“On Feb. 22, city council members in Colorado Springs will hold a work session in which a proposed pet sale ban ordinance will be discussed,” the action alert read. “Please contact Colorado Springs City Council members immediately asking them to oppose the pet sale ban.”

If passed, Colorado Springs retail pet stores would be prohibited from selling or offering for sale a dog or cat on or after Jan. 1, 2022 unless the dog or cat was obtained from either an animal rescue organization or a public animal control shelter, according to officials.

“This will harm consumer choice and do nothing to stop inhumane breeding,” officials said. “It will also worsen the health of Colorado Springs’ companion animals, and burden pet owners with more financial costs associated with their pet’s health while decreasing consumer protections, and limiting the information that is made available to them regarding the health and history of their pet. Responsible breeders and pet stores offer future pet owners the ability to choose a pet that is the best fit for their specific needs, and legal protections for them and their animals.”

Officials continued by saying that the pet sale ban is “misguided.”

“We all agree that bad breeders need to be shut down, but this misguided bill will not do that,” officials added. “In reality, the bad breeders this ordinance targets will go untouched while responsible pet stores pay the price and will be forced to close their doors and lay off hardworking Coloradans. Families who are seeking a specific breed of dog will be driven to unregulated sources, and could fall victim to unscrupulous sellers.”

To take action, PIJAC officials outlined the following:

• Send a message to the council members here.

• Spread the word by contacting everyone you know in Colorado and urge them to send emails to these lawmakers. “The more people that speak out about how this ordinance punishes responsible pet stores and limits pet choice, the better chance we have to stop it in its tracks,” officials said.

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