k9 shop green juju event

Bill Hoekman, vice president of nutrition and communication at Green Juju, a pet food manufacturer. gave pet owners nutrition advice and answered their questions during the event.

The K9 Shop located in Massapequa, N.Y., hosted its first event on Nov. 6, An Evening of Pet Nutrition with Bill Hoekman, vice president of nutrition and communication at Green Juju, a pet food manufacturer.

Pet owners from all around the area came to learn from Hoekman and ask a lot of questions.

“We are so happy with the event our customers and staff are all talking about it. Billy is a wealth of information and was so generous with sharing his expertise about pet nutrition with our customers—we were honored to have him,” said Robert Tucker, co-owner of The K9 Shop.

Hoekman answered many questions for pet owners whether they are feeding their pets a raw food diet, home cooked or kibble—he was able to give advice and scientific information that was easily digestible and simple for pet owners to start implementing into their diet, company officials reported.

“We look forward to hosting more events in our stores in the future,” said Anya Tucker, co-owner of The K9 Shop. “Our community is so important to us, and we love to bring even more education to our customers to help their pets. We adore Billy and are so thankful for his incredible advice and information.”

Pet owners in attendance asked many questions ranging from asking about pet allergies, to when a puppy can start eating raw food, what certain supplements or products do, to what to add to a dog’s kibble diet to increase nutrition. Hoekman addressed all questions and even stayed after the event was over to directly answer more questions one-on-one.

“We loved the pet nutrition event hosted by the K9 shop. They are such a great store and already do such an amazing job of building community, but this definitely heightened our stellar opinion of them! My husband tagged along as he didn’t know much about raw feeding, he just knew the basics and he definitely feels more educated and confident now that he went,” said Peyton Martorelli, a new pet owner who attended the event. 

During the event, Hoekman mentioned how lucky pet owners on Long Island are to have The K9 Shop with two locations, as there are only a handful of similar pet stores dotted throughout the country.

“Pet nutrition is the first step in the longevity of our pet lives, and the easiest step a new pet parent can take – it was a fun event and I am so glad I could be there,” Hoekman said.

“Pet retail stores across the country should be hosting these kind of events for their customers at least once a year, the amount of information they can learn, questions they can ask will have your customers returning and bringing their friends to learn and shop at your store,” said Nancy Hassel, president and founder of American Pet Professionals, a networking and educational organization. “As our world opens up post-COVID, in-person pet nutrition events are so important to host for all the new pet parents out there. I am so glad I was able to attend this very well done event.”