F.M. Brown’s Sons presents Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Behaviors Grain-Free Daily Diets. It bridges the gap between the genetic behaviors of wild cavies and rabbits, and the behaviors of today’s domestic pets by allowing them to perform three of their most natural behaviors: foraging, chewing and bunching. The diets offer the ultimate natural wild-eating experience while providing the necessary ingredients for optimum health and nutrition. They are formulated for maximum digestive support and balanced fiber. The pet rabbit blend contains three types of natural high-fiber hay including pure timothy hay pellets, pure timothy hay mini cubes and long-strand, pre-cut timothy hay. The guinea pig formula also includes alfalfa hay. These assortments of hay help fulfill the chewing, taste and texture requirements by providing both short- and long-strand fiber sources that are also essential for healthy teeth and gums. The diets also include high-quality, naturally grown flowers and leaves.