H&C Animal Health presents the Scientia Pet bSerene line, which consists of a Calming Diffuser Plug-in Kit, Diffuser Refill and Calming Spray. The products specifically mimic the naturally produced feline facial pheromone, which helps cats mark their surroundings as safe and bond with other cats. Scratching, hiding, fighting or urinating outside the litterbox often stem from nerves or fear, and how cats respond to this stress is their way of communicating that they’re upset, the company states, adding that when cats sense bSerene, they feel calmer, safer and more secure. The diffuser provides an effective, drug-free solution to ensure cats are calm all day at home. Refills are available to swap into the plug-in unit, and each lasts 45 days. For a fast-acting, targeted calming effect, the spray quickly quells cats’ nerves due to unexpected/short-term lifestyle or environmental stressors. It is infused with catnip.