Cove Litterbox Kit

Tuft + Paw’s Cove is a litterbox kit with an integrated scoop, dustpan and hand brush. The litterbox’s shape is incredibly simple and open—there are no unnecessary bends or hard-to-get-to corners—making it easy to clean. It uses a double wall and slightly textured outer matte plastic that looks and feels sturdy, and is pleasant to the eye. Contrasting silicon rubber at the base keeps the box firmly planted to the floor and prevents sliding. The scoop is sturdy, and the angle of the scoop edge is designed to slide easily through coarse litter without much effort. The angled slots have been carefully engineered to allow litter to slide through quickly with minimal sifting. The shape of the scoop matches the exact contour of the litterbox, so owners can easily slide it along the edges and corners without missing a spot.