Freeze-dried Raw for Cats

Hauspanther presents freeze-dried raw cat treats, freeze-dried raw meal toppers, and freeze-dried raw complete and balanced full meals for cats. The single-ingredient treats are made from nutrient-rich organ meat that is freeze-dried to lock in freshness, creating a convenient treat for cats. They are available in Chicken Liver, Beef Liver and Turkey Heart. The toppers add variety to mealtime and are great for enticing picky eaters. The toppers also include supplements with daily support for healthy heart, skin and coat, or digestion. Recipes include Chicken, Beef and Elk & Venison. The full meals offer complete and balanced nutrition for cats with no fillers, grains, gluten, dairy or sugar. They are 96 percent meat, organ and bones and are made with chelated minerals for improved nutrient absorption and bioavailability. Full meals are available in Chicken and Beef. The products are made in the USA.