Vital Essentials Family Size Freeze-Dried Treats

Vital Essentials presents Family Size Freeze-Dried Treats, available for five of its best-selling freeze-dried treats. The line includes Beef Nibs 6.2 oz., Chicken Hearts 3.75 oz., Rabbit Bites 5 oz., Minnows 2.5 oz. and Duck Nibs 5.5 oz. The treats aren’t only for dogs—Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites and Minnows are also an excellent protein source for cats. The treats provide growing multi-pet households with a convenient and cost-effective way to feed a high-quality, protein-rich diet to their pets. The treats come in a resealable pouch, making them a great choice for active families that need a lightweight, convenient treat to keep up with their busy lifestyles.