Emerald Pet Products presents Feline Dental Stixx. With ridges that run the entire length of the stick-shaped dental treat, they are designed to reach the back teeth and massage the gums. The unique shape and texture satisfy a cat’s natural desire to chew and crunch while promoting oral health through chewing action with calcium carbonate, the same abrasive used in toothpaste, to help remove tartar and plaque buildup. Real pumpkin is included in each of the recipes. The natural, limited-ingredient treats are made in the USA with U.S. ingredients and are grain, gluten, dairy and soy free. They contain no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors and no added sugars, sweeteners or salt. They are available in Chicken with Pumpkin, Salmon with Pumpkin, Tuna with Pumpkin and Catnip with Pumpkin.