Barkbath Dual Use Portable Grooming System

Bissell’s Barkbath Dual Use Portable Grooming System is an ideal solution for pet owners who struggle with at-home grooming. It offers a fast, easy and less messy way to bathe dogs and clean homes. When accidents occur, pet owners simply convert the Barkbath Dual Use into a portable deep cleaner. They can easily switch out the shampoo tank and bathing tool with a powerful carpet-cleaning formula and deep-reaching suction tool to remove accidents, dirt and spills. For grooming, the Barkbath Dual Use is a convenient, self-contained device that offers three customizable spray nozzles to choose from based on fur or hair length, designed to get down to the skin. This allows water and shampoo to wash the coat clean, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water into a separate "dirty" water tank. The unit also features three customizable grooming clips based on fur type so owners can brush dogs’ coats while cleaning them.