Hikari Herptile

Hikari Sales USA presents Hikari Herptile, a line of food products for lizards and other reptiles. Hikari Herptile features supplement-rich, scientifically formulated and lab-verified nutrient blends. Developed for leopard geckos and other insect-eating lizards, LeopaGel offers an appealing live food-like texture. Ideal for the crested gecko and other fruit and insect-eating lizards, CrestGel also has a natural food-like texture that lizards will happily attack. DragonGel boasts a natural food-like texture and is perfect for bearded dragons and other vegetable-eating lizards. Dragon Delite is a scientifically balanced nutrient mix ideal for adult bearded dragons over 8 in. as well as other vegetable and insect-eating lizards with larger appetites. Lizards will love the pellets’ texture, which is akin to live food.