Boss Pet Products and PetEdge offer Master Grooming Prestige Shears by Sensei. Superior ergonomics make these shears a delight to hold, allowing professional groomers to groom faster and more efficiently with less fatigue. Made with Duralite 440c Japanese stainless steel, which is triple tempered, including -300 degrees cryogenic tempering. This improves the durability, nearly doubling the life of the edge. The state-of-the-art convex blade design means these dog grooming shears are sharp and cut smoothly. Blades last longer because they start out sharper. The patent-pending Zero Gravity Tension System suspends the moving blade between two counteracting springs to achieve a truly weightless cutting feel, also boosting performance over a wider range of tension adjustments. Available in Straight, Curved, Thinner and Chunker styles.