Tetra Goldfish Program

The Tetra Goldfish Program from Spectrum Brands Pet, a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands Holdings, includes Goldfish Aquarium Kits, goldfish nutrition and water care products, and a Goldfish Information Center online. Goldfish Aquarium Kits, available in 10-gal. and 20-gal. sizes, are tailored to meet the specific needs of goldfish. The program includes Tetra Goldfish Flakes, Tetra Goldfish Variety Pellets, Tetra Goldfish Color Granules and TetraPro Goldfish Crisps, as well as AquaSafe for Goldfish. Each Goldfish Aquarium Kit includes samples of Tetra goldfish nutrition and water care products. Tetra’s YouTube page, TetraFishProducts, has a how-to video that walks through the setup process, step by step.