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After surveying various on-line chat groups, we found this month's topic to be quite popular, especially for the independents with one or two stores. We are facing the same decision ourselves … times are a changin'!

Many things have changed for the fish hobbyist over the ages. Gone are the battery tanks with their uneven glass sides that distorted the shap…

Cat owners searching for the ultimate product to pamper their pets and themselves don't have to look any further than Petmate's Purrforma Plus self-cleaning litter appliance.

Planet Dog, of Portland, Maine, has launched a new selection of feline toys made from Orbee-Tuff, a durable, recyclable, thermoplastic elastomer compound.

Sales of canned cat food in mass markets and supermarkets fell 10.7 percent by unit and 3 percent by dollar during the 12-month period ending Aug. 11, 2002, according to Information Resources Inc. and Petfood Industry.