Cool Cats and Chill Dogs

Shopping lists, house guests, family gatherings, and all the endless running around that comes with the holiday season is enough to stress anyone out. Even if they aren’t responsible for buying gifts, cooking a turkey, or cleaning the house, Fido and Fluffy can be just as overwhelmed as we are this time of year. 

While we can unwind with a glass of wine or take a spa day, pets don’t always know how to cope with the holiday madness.

Even at the best of times, feline and canine companions alike can have a lot to worry about. Thunderstorms, fireworks, separation, car rides, nail trims, or a flurry of new faces can have the friendliest of dogs or cats acting skittish, fearful, or even aggressive. 

With daily stressors, boredom, and changes in the environment having a negative effect on your pet, owners are desperately in need of a new way to help their best friends live their best life.

In response to this demand, new products are hitting the market almost daily that claim to have calming effects on stressed-out pets. And more often than not, these products contain hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

Embracing the CBD Trend

While there is still a lot of confusion about CBD—no, it won’t get people or pets "high"—that hasn’t stopped consumers from embracing the trend. And because they’ve had a positive experience with the CBD products they’ve tried, they are naturally curious as to how it can help their cat or dog, too—especially if they’re looking for something to support a calm, happy pet.

But where to begin? 

While some might be tempted to share their favorite CBD oil with their pet, doing so isn’t a good idea. People and animals have very different needs and anything given to a pet should be created with them in mind. It’s important to stress to owners that they need to research products for their cat or dog before adding anything to their pet’s regimen.

What to Look for In Pet CBD Products

Finding CBD products for pets has become much easier. Most large pet retailers, specialty boutiques, pet suppliers, and even groomers, and boarding facilities are now carrying CBD options for pets.

But just because it’s becoming easier to find, doesn’t mean that all products are being created equal. It’s important to note that CBD products are still largely unregulated, which means quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even product to product. 

Pet owners need to understand how products work and what quality controls are in place to ensure safe ingredients and use. It’s important to look for proper sourcing, understand all the ingredients listed, and ensure that there is no THC in the product.

Paw CBD Calming Oil and Chews

Cool Cats and Chill Dogs

"Our most popular products, however, are the ones specifically formulated to support calm," says Paul DiBrito, president of Paw CBD. "Our new blueberry flavored CBD Calming Oil has really taken off. Just like our Turkey CBD Calming Chews. It’s made with ingredients that promote calm, like valerian root, chamomile, and melatonin. We add premium CBD and flavors dogs love to make it convenient and easy to add CBD to their daily routine."

For feline family members, Paw CBD also makes CBD Oil Tinctures in natural and catnip flavors, which can be easily added to food. They also offer chicken and catnip CBD Soft Chews for a tasty treat any time.

Two legs or four, everyone can use a little calm in their life to make the holiday season happy and bright. Visit to learn more about Paw CBD calming products, and explore their full lineup of product offerings.