Good equipment is essential to running a successful grooming salon. Keep easy-to-clean, durable materials in mind when deciding how much to invest in equipment, and choose high-quality products made with materials that will endure rather than flashy equipment in fancy colors. 

For example, newly designed tubs are assuming more simple shapes that make them easier to clean between washes. Some companies offer grooming tubs built with special features that will turn any tub into a spa center.

One unique feature developed and patented by Forever Stainless Steel in Omaha, Neb., is its pump recess for a recirculating bathing system such as Oster’s HydroSurge, which is designed to run on less water, saving not only on water bills, but also allowing groomers to use less shampoo and do a repeated process with a cream rinse, which is quick and cost effective.

The HydroSurge recirculating system with a regulating valve delivers the perfect amount of water pressure, turning this feature into a highly requested hydrotherapy treatment, perfect for older pets with hip problems. Adding a few drops of essential oils to the water also provides aromatherapy, further soothing the animal and making for an extra-relaxing experience. These healing and calming effects often are included in the price of spa treatments.

Adding Grooming to Retail Stores   

As the grooming industry is turning into the beauty industry for pets, more retail spaces are looking to add grooming services to their locations. Consumers have plenty of choices when it comes to deciding where to buy their favorite products. The Internet often offers free delivery, which can impact sales for brick-and-mortar stores and reduce their clientele.  

Grooming services will provide any retail store with a loyal list of clients and get them in the door. Pet owners usually stay devoted to the same groomer once they are happy with their services, and that is priceless for a retail store in a booming area.

Retail stores will not only benefit from affluent clientele by offering grooming services, but they also can open a whole new side of their business that can flourish with the endorsement of a well-run, high-quality grooming salon.

Salon Semblance

As grooming facilities offer more humanlike spa services for dogs such as mud baths, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and a wide selection of hair and skin treatments, consumers’ standards also are increasing. Pet owners often request walk-through tours of the grooming area of a salon as part of their decision-making process when they are looking for a trustworthy, professional groomer to entrust with their pet.

Having private-label pet products, such as signature colognes, shampoos and sprays, in plain sight throughout your facility can help establish your business as a household name.

"The image you convey of yourself and your salon is of utmost importance; why would a customer feel confident that you could make their dog look fantastic if you or your salon do not?" said Jonathan David, owner of Lap of Luxury Dog Spa in Delray Beach, Fla.

David has gained recognition with his high-end grooming shears line created by Kennesaw, Ga.-based Kenchii. The line features rhinestone-encrusted Lightning shears and thinners.

Al Davis, owner of Davis Manufacturing in Scottdale, Ga., relies on groomers’ opinions when developing new products for the grooming industry. 

"Pet professionals are more involved in the development of new products," Davis said. "My clients know that their feedback is always taken into consideration when developing new products. We work as a team; the groomers’ success is our best endorsement." 

Although creative grooming gains lovers and haters at a similar pace, small dashes of color or innovative creative details such as temporary glitter tattoos and other nontoxic touches are very well accepted by pet owners around the world. Dogs don’t have a preference when it comes to color or designs, but they do enjoy the additional attention they get when walking around with a vibrant new look. Creative grooming is a great way for salons to bring extra attention to their establishments.